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“They say necessity is the mother of all invention.”  These words were
ringing in my ears one day, as I was using a knife to scrape off the
cooked on debris, from the top of my stove.  I decided to use the
knowledge I have as a chemistry teacher and develop an
environmentally safe formula to help clean the cooked on debris from
the stove top surface.  The result was a compound dubbed Rudd’z Stove
& Surface Cleaning Formula.  Rudd’z has been tested on headlights of
cars, hand rails of stairs, crock pots, pans, kettles, counter tops, sinks,
tubs and tile, and even hands. It works on leather and fabrics to get out
gum, blood stains, ink, grass stains and other pesky stains.  It works
very well.  Be careful when treating a dyed fabric or color treated
surface; Rudd'z may remove the dye or color treatment such as paint or
varnish or polish.

Please take a look at the results on the picture page on our website:  Rudd’z is an all American company, started in San
Bernardino, California, by an ordinary guy, who has spent 20 years
teaching biology, chemistry, and physics.